BaSoMail 1.24 (Former "MailServer by SH39")

What is it ?
BaSoMail is a fully functional SMTP/POP3 server for Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP ,which will let your computer turn into a email server system. It's compact and does not have any specific requirements. And what is the most important- it's very easy to use. It's ideal for small firms, home networks +++.

It will take care of all your email on a local network, whether connected to Internet or not. It also has an Newsletter database with subscribe / unsubscribe functions for up to 2 languages ! Unlimited number of local accounts and alias with forwarding and routing. You can also have BaSoMail to collect email from an unlimited number of pop3 hosts, and route email to an local account. We have extended the free trial version available for download to full version, only limited by a splash screen.

Read more or Click here to download now (1.9 Mb)!

The download version is compressed into a zip file, which is contains all necessary setup files.
Just unpack it, and run setup.

BaSoMail prior to version 1.24 installed, and need only update to latest version ?
Download upgrade by clicking here (1.17 Mb)
- See what's new by clicking here

NB! Running Norton Antivirus and having problems with BaSoMail ?
Read more about "disable mail protection" for 2000 or 2001 which must be done !

  • It's completely transparent. Runs as a small icon on your system tray.

  • Rigid 32-bit multi-thread design.

  • Will obey shutdown and terminate signals from Windows correctly.

  • Supports unlimited number of local POP3 accounts in full version !

  • SMTP server can be accessed from a set of IP ranges specified.

  • Unlimited mail size.

  • Administrator can control the server, and do the maintenance of users.

  • Has built in mailing list / newsletter functions !

  • Built in alias mail routing and forwarding functions.

  • Bounce function when receiving messages to non-existing local accounts.

  • Supports two languages in subscription database, and when sending Newsletters.

  • All subscription text can be customized, including variabels - Internal editor.

  • Auto transponder replies to those which has requested a recipt.

  • Allows to temporarily disable or enable users.

  • Collect email from an unlimited number of pop3 hosts, and route to local account.

  • Please also see our help documents for BaSoMail - Click here (60 Kb)


  • Connection to Internet - BaSoMail does not have an dial-up function.

  • 3 MB disk space for the installation.

Trial version:
Can be used as a unlimited trial (free) version with maximum 2 local users (email addresses)

Full version:

Only (Euro) 25 to register for a full version with no splash screen, free future updates and free support.
If your'e happy with the software, you can order it securely by with PayPal.
Please send a message and get our PayPal payment details in return. Please click here to do so.

If you have any questions, please use our feedback function by clicking here
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