BASCOM-AVR from MCS Electronics - Atmel AVR Programming tool
 from MCS Electronics

Key Benefits:
  • Structured programming
  • Compiled code that runs at near assembler speed
  • Variables and labels up to 32 characters long.
  • Bit, Byte, Integer, Word, Long, Single and String variables.
  • Works with all AVR microprocessors that have internal memory.
  • Statements are highly compatible with Microsoft’s VB/QB.
  • Special commands for LCD displays , I2C chips, SPI, 1WIRE chips and Magnetic card readers.
  • Recognition of User-written libraries.
  • Integrated editor with statement highlighting.
  • Integrated simulator with cycle count.
  • Integrated ISP, STK200, and STK300 programmers
  • Supports other programmers incl. STK500
  • Integrated terminal emulator with download option.
  • Context sensitive help.

Please visit MCS Electronics to download a trial version ! Full version:

Only (Euro) € 79 to register for a full version !
If you have any questions, please use our feedback function by clicking here
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