Tandberg Audio    

 The Tandberg 3000 series - A short introduction
Once upon a time Norway had a leading company called Tandberg which was started in 1938. From 1978 to 2000 they produced some very good audio products, including some really HighEnd products very well known around the world. Sorry to say Tandberg was declared bankrupt 31.12.2000 (Last day of the century).

On these pages we will try to present this vintage audio, with more information and some pictures of the products. In our office a 3000 series stereo still plays good sound 20 years after beeing made - The pride of Norway !

Controll Amplifiers, TCA 3002
3008 replaces 3002
3008A replaces 3008
3018A High End
Power Aplifiers, TPA 3003 2x150w
3006 2x150w replaces 3003
3006A 2x150w replaces 3006
3016A 2x220w
3009 180w monoblock
3026A 2x150w HighEnd
3036A 2x100w
Integrated Amplifiers, TIA 3012A 2x100w
2032A 2x100w
Receivers, TR 3030 made in Hong Kong
3080 made in Norway
Tuners, TPT 3001
3001A High End analog
3011 analog
3031A digital
CD Players, TCP 3015A 14 bit, later 16 bit
Cassette Decks, TCD 3004 extreme High End
3014 replaces 3004
3014A replaces 3014
3034 made in Malaysia
910/911 proffesional versions of 3014
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